Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stephen Harper and the joy of selective outrage.

There is one more point worth making about this latest Stephen Harper "I'm taking my ball and going home 'cuz you people are all just a bunch of meanies" brouhaha regarding the Glyn Morgan committee vote.

As we've all noticed by now, Stephen Harper treats democracy and majority votes about the way a baby treats a diaper. The House votes to support the Kyoto protocol? Fuck that, replies Harper. Stephen might lose the vote on extending the mission in Afghanistan? Fuck that, too.

So it's passing strange that someone who so cavalierly blows off the results of democratic voting would get his Underoos so tightly wound up over a non-binding committee vote that he would junk the creation of an appointments commission entirely.

This is pure choreography on Harper's part, and nothing more. If he wants to make a show of taking opposition voting seriously, he could have started long before now.

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