Sunday, April 30, 2006

That's why you read the reviews.

The Spirit of Man writes:

Just got home from watching the United 93 movie tonight.

I am angry very much!

Yeah, I know the feeling. I remember walking out after "Batman and Robin" thinking, "I paid eight bucks for that? Son of a bitch!"

I'll never forget 9/11 and to me, it's like a personal loss!

By "personal loss," I'm assuming SoM means in a blogging keyboarder, Hugh Hewitt, Empire State building, ever-changing front on the "Global War on Terror"™ kind of way, right?

Let's roll and bomb the hell out of those freaking terrorists and their supporters wherever they are!

Fucking A!! And I know just where to start. Let's roll!

: Oh, look ... that makes two of them:

America's number one talk-radio host, Rush Limbaugh, is giving an enthusiastic thumbs up to the controversial new 9/11 movie, "United 93."...

"The whole movie is powerful," Limbaugh said.

"The overwhelming emotion I had was sheer anger at the terrorists, bordering on hatred," Limbaugh said.

Yes, you know you're on the side of the angels when you and Rush Limbaugh have a meeting of the minds. Although I'm pretty sure I'd draw the line at sharing hypodermics. There's only so much I'd want to have in common with that guy, know what I mean?


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And so, another chickenhawk is born.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, for an extra helping of irony, check out the new anti-war protest album released by the guy who wrote the song Let's Roll.