Saturday, April 22, 2006

Save the Internet.

Hmmmmm ... potentially ugly developments regarding the Internet down south. How does that affect us up here?


Anonymous said...

The internet levels the playing field, it lets the little guy make a big impact. This is revolting.

Bazz said...

The article seems to indicate that, between TELUS and Shaw, we've pretty much chucked out 'Net Neutrality up here already.

Dave said...

We've never really had net neutrality in the direct sense. However, depending on your ISP, you may have most of your traffic routed through the States.

I've often wondered how long it would take for the mega-corp communications giants to interfere with the freedom available on the net. It is now why you can look at a TV schedule for a weeks worth of programming and see nothing that appeals to you if your IQ is greater than your shoe size.