Thursday, April 27, 2006

The first rule of blog fight club.

You can't have attitude without the rules. Bring it, baby.


Alison said...

Well what have we here!
Just two days after I do this post using a Fight Club analogy, you have to go and do one using Fight Club too.
Don't you have any freakin ideas of your own?

Plus just look what happened to the kittens and puppies after you poached from my excellent post on "Hotter Than Hell" last time, even though God loves them very much.

I am outraged, outraged I tell you. What a Poor Man's excuse for a blog.

CC said...

Wait ... was that sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know, CC.
Remember, our sarcasm detector's still on the blink after that fire.

Alison said...

Rules according to your link at the Poor Man:
2)"The initial volley must express great offense at a recent posting...and how it is weblog posts just like that one which force God to kill puppies even though He loves them very much."

3)Succeeding posts will parry the opponent's charges by deliberately misunderstanding them, and will launch counter-charges based on the opponent's word choice.

CC : Wait...was that sarcasm?

That's all I get?
Where's the counter-charge?
Dang it, CC, that's not a whole lot to work with.

CC said...

Yeah, that's just the sort of thing Hitler would say. :-)