Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick -- enjoy it while it lasts!

You like me! You really like me! Under "WASHINGTON POST / BILL BRUBAKER." Man, it's pretty heady stuff to be rubbing elbows on a short list with those folks. Maybe it's time to cut back on the profanity just a touch.

Oh, fuck, no.


Dave said...

Way to go CC. That should set your traffic stats on fire.

CC said...

Surprisingly, not really. On the other hand, my site has been absolutely pounded over the last day or so by a link from here, in the paragraph:

""Scientific discourse" at the FDA is said to include one commissioner's concern that teens might "form sex-based cults centered around the use of Plan B," not to be confused with RU486."

I'd never even heard of that site before, but it alone was responsible for at least a couple hundred visitors in a single day.

Go figure.

Dave said...

Yup. I've been picked up by a few times. They shoot a LOT of traffic through. There's another aggregator out there called stumbleupon which did some amazing things.

Good thing it's only a hobby.

Unknown said...

There ya go. And you thought you had no influence. :-)

Anonymous said...

You're also on there under CNN.
Well done, CC.
Regards from the Eastern Front

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats. I got here from Kos and bookmarked you. Now you're an almost weekly read :)

Pleased to find more Canadian bloggers. Glad you post on both American AND Canadian issues. I'm into both.