Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Angry, angry, angry.

Sometimes, I seriously wonder whether it's worth allowing comments when this is the kind of meaningless vacuity that's left for me. People like Kate McMillan and Michelle Malkin invade peoples' privacy and (in Malkin's case) post their personal information on the net, knowing what's going to happen and, in response, I get the paste-eating twins, writing stuff like "Michelle Malkin and Kate both do a good job."

I'm sorry ... is that what passes for intellectual discourse in the wankersphere these days? In any event, PZ encapsulates this whole disgusting attack job by Malkin here (where, hilariously, Jinx McHue continues to comment as irrelevantly as ever with nothing to back up his claims).

But never forget -- we on the Left here are angry. David says so.

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