Sunday, April 16, 2006

One more time, let's talk about comments.

Given my recent policy on comments on this site, I just removed a small number of anonymous comments. Either play by the rules, or take a hike.


Rosie said...

Nasty dumb comments are fun to read though! And your skewering of them is even "funner".

CC said...

I appreciate the sentiment, but there's precious little entertainment value in skewering wankeritude that is little more than, "I think the Blogging Tories are smart, and you're dumb, so there."

I'm pretty sure a very small number of monkeys could turn out that kind of stuff in short order.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I never would have known blogging tories existed if it was not for this site. I am new to the internet. I have been making comments on sites as anonynous, because I am not a blogger and did not know I was an other. I agree more with the tories than with your site, but I can't have a proper opinion without understanding as many views as possible.

Rosie said...

I see your point CC.

Unfortunately for those of us who like conflict Wayne, your comment isn't rude enough to elicit too much scrutiny ;)

You are right though, and that is why I read conservative blogs regularly. A well-rounded view of the issue is important. However, often I find a lot of hostility towards anyone with "left" leaning beliefs, which is why I enjoy this site so much. Its nice to see that the "left" (and I am LOATHE to use such discrete labels) can fight back.

Anyway CC, you make me laugh, your site is great! I have read it every day since November.