Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free speech, "Hotter than Hell" and the wingnut perspective.

Submitted without comment. Maybe I'll tear this apart later when I have more time.

GROG GOES TO TOWN: I'm certainly not done with that article but, in the meantime, let Grog entertain you.


Anonymous said...

I fail to see why the Conservative government needed to gag this person so they could "explore the basis... to continue a commitment to the Kyoto Accord," or how the publication of a post-apocalyptic novel prevents the author from "bringing his expertise to bear in helping her ministry to find those alternative solutions [to global warming]."

Isn't it obvious that a counselor, whose job is to help and advise people in difficult times, shouldn't be adversely disposed to a certain type of person? Especially a type of person who often has difficulty fitting in with society and might really need a counselor's help!

And I really don't see how you can link discrimination against a group of people to a fictional book about the planet getting hotter. Is the Lloyd trying to suggest that this scientist should lose his job because he might be biased against the greenhouse effect?

Mike said...

So this guy can't talk about his book, but in the US, Michael Criton is considered an "expert" when testifying before Congress (but thousands of climate scientists are just "chicken littles"). Bah!

BTW, I saw Tim Fannery last night talking to Allan Gregg on TVO. He had the best line of the month.

He accused the Harper Conservatives of "cutting and running" from the Canadian government's long-held support for Kyoto. He also indicated that most of that 21% increase in our C02 was from the tar sands and big oil - most of the rest of the country has been doing great...


M@ said...

Well if the Harper government was really interested in considering and getting more information on global warming before doing anything about it, then you'd think the opinions of an environmental scientist might be welcomed, not gagged.

But they aren't so he was. Surprise, surprise.

Cathie from Canada said...

The guy who wrote this article (AKA this apologia for CPC) is actually a member of the Press Gallery.
Gag me with a spoon.
This whole incident only illustrates that Canada has elected a government of paranoid WATBs. Oh shit, oh joy.