Thursday, April 20, 2006

The stomach-churning hypocrisy of the Right.

I'm not sure how many of you noticed this from the previous post, but there's a delightful bit of typical stupidity from Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein in the following snippets (emphasis added):

... the reprinting of a press release (which last I checked was INTENDED to be disseminated, and was in fact, as of yesterday, still available in its entirety on a number of leftwing sites) ...

... this crusade to try to intimidate [Malkin] and her family—a crusade being waged by mostly anonymous cowards who no person in the blogosphere, left OR right, should encourage or countenance—is both disgraceful and, in the long run, dangerous...

... [To a commenter] Go ahead and stay anonymous, by the way. It suits you.

Did you catch that? See, those anti-war protestors are fair game for unlimited abuse and harassment because they made their contact information publicly available so they deserve whatever they get. Malkin, on the other hand, apparently prefers to remain as anonymous as possible so it's disgusting that people would go to the trouble to track down her private contact information since, after all, she should be protected from that as she obviously wants to remain anonymous.

So, anonymity should be respected, unless of course you're an anonymous commenter on Jeff's site, at which point you're suddenly some kind of gutless coward who is promptly banned.

In short, right-wing anonymity: a personal choice that should be respected. Left-wing anonymity: the mark of a coward.

Are we clear on that now?

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