Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stupid people never learn.

If it worked this way last time,

Franken joked that he was "disappointed" the lawsuit had been withdrawn.

"I was hoping they'd keep it going for a few more news cycles," he said...

Publicity surrounding the case helped boost Franken's book to the top of the Amazon.com best-seller list. Penguin rushed the book into stores early and ordered additional copies printed after being sued.

what makes you think it would be any different this time?

Today via CBC his publisher announced that "Hotter Than Hell" has gone into an unexpected double-sized second printing due to public demand. Elsewhere a film deal has been mentioned.

Well, duh.


Unknown said...

I think the Creekside blog makes a good point there, about how blogging about it actually helped make the book more visible.

As I mentioned to you elsewhere, I've had some thoughts about your question a few weeks ago, wondering why Canadian bloggers don't seem to have the same klout as the American ones do in their political cultures. I don't have solutions, but I think Creekside's experience with this book is a good example of how things can get better her.

More later...

CC said...

Ah, yes ... blogging about it. What an excellent idea. :-)