Saturday, April 29, 2006

The liberal media! Run away! Run away!

Listening to CBC Radio One earlier this morning, with the female host explaining that the topic of the day was global warming and climate change, and how CPC Minister of the Environment and voices-in-her-head wingnut Rona Ambrose had earlier agreed to be on the show and the CBC was really looking forward to it but, gosh darn it (and, I'm guessing, to no one's surprise), Ambrose called up and cancelled the gig, at which point, the CBC simply filled that time with others who were more than happy to explain why the Conservatives are a bunch of egg-sucking, pig-ignorant hypocrites. (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating that last part. So sue me.)

In any event, a word of advice to Canada's whiny-ass, titty-baby wankers: If you're practically begged to appear on the CBC to explain your point of view, and you refuse, then you really don't have a lot of credibility when you subsequently accuse the CBC of being a left-wing, liberal cesspool of anti-conservative bias.

Please don't force me to explain that, OK?


Cathie from Canada said...

I just hope that, overall, Canadian media don't collapse like the US media did when confronted with the Harper/neocon approach -- govern like you got a mandate!
I was a little worried that the media collapsed so quickly over the half-mast debate, but at least they stood up over the issue of barring coverage of military funerals. Evidently all of the cabinet are taking their cue from Harper and just ignoring anything they don't like rather than trying to engage it. I hope the media continues to call them on it.

Anonymous said...

Harper's declaration of war on the media is one of the stupidest political moves I've ever seen. It's not like this is eastern Europe and he can send in the commandos. Reporters are being insulted, and it doesn't matter how professional they are, they're going to remember these insults when they're reporting on the government.

MgS said...

I just can't get over how ham-fisted the CPC is being - they keep on trying to play the same media control game that both BushCo and Ralph Klein have used, but they have the finesse of an Ogre trying to do finishing carpentry with a club.

Unknown said...

The CPC will never get a fair shake on the CBC, so what is the point talking there.

Checkout on global warming.

The MSM has been crying global warming since it gave up crying about the coming ice age.

I don't want to see billions of dollars waisted, on junk science.

Cleaning the land, water, and air with new technology eg bio-fuels, helping our bodies and minds with preventative health care and education should priorities.

Alison said...

Speaking of junk science, Wayne, you might be interested to know that and founder Steven Milloy were funded by Philip Norris to oppose any real science that might put a dent in the profits they make from people smoking.

Real science, like research into global warming and new bio-fuels, does not have this hidden agenda.

And I think there might be more to this whole stewardship of the earth thing than merely joining a gym and adding eelgrass to your carrot juice.

CC said...

wayne writes:

"The CPC will never get a fair shake on the CBC ..."

Sure, Wayne. Sort of in the same way that really stupid people will never get a fair shake on "Jeopardy."

I mean, just because your party suddenly cuts off most media access, reneges on its promise to show up on the CBC and actually has members suggesting that journalists be jailed, well, it's not like those media folks might be a bit pissed about it or anything, right? Fucking liberals, eh, Wayne?

By the way, Wayne, I see your new blog is coming along -- the mandatory right-wing blogroll entries of Kate McMillan and Free Republic are a nice touch.

If you haven't already, you should of course join the Blogging Tories. You have all of the requirements -- lack of writing talent, the ability to accept the most preposterous right-wing nonsense shovelled your way -- yes, Wayne, you have the total package. You'd fit right in.

Unknown said...

I'mk going to join blogging tories as soon asn I get better at writing, as you pointed out.


MgS said...

Sez Wayne:

The CPC will never get a fair shake on the CBC, so what is the point talking there.

What a load of crap. The real problem is that the CPC doesn't deal well with being challenged by opposing views - which is something that CBC is very adept at presenting.

The CPC needs to grow up and quit blaming every misstep on the "liberal media" - start with being honest and up-front with the voters. Make a few missteps and admit they are missteps instead of bitching about the evil "liberal media bias".