Monday, April 24, 2006

The liberal threat.

God forgive me but ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In all fairness, though, Jinx has a point. We liberals have an unfortunate propensity for unprovoked and fearful violence, don't we? There was the time that liberal wacko killed that doctor by shooting him in front of his family with a rifle and ... no, wait ... the shooter was a right-wing, Christian nutball. My mistake.

Oh, wait ... how about the time that liberal lunatic blew up a Ryder truck full of explosives in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people ... hang on, sorry ... religious, white supremacist there.

All right, easy one here ... the time that young liberal kicked that female protestor while she was being held down by three Secret Service agents ... aw, shit, my mistake ... that guy was a Republican. Damn.

Of course, one might also point out the singular flaw in Jinx's logic. If we liberals are so dangerous, why do you right-wing fucktards keep pissing us off? Seriously, if you conservatives live in such fear of a sudden explosion of left-wing rage, then just how fucking stupid do you have to be to pull shit like this? You claim we're dangerous, then you do everything you can to infuriate us?

If that's true, then, really, you have just redefined the concept of "stupid" for the ages.


M@ said...

I still don't get how putting their contact information on a press release means they "intended for public disclosure of their personal information".

While it's a shame that Malkin was threatened, she sowed the wind (twice) and it's hard to feel much sympathy for her. Whether she authorized the release of her information or not, the students got exactly what she wanted them to get, but she got exactly the same thing. Can't really see a problem with that.

Unless you're ol' Jason, there.

By the way, when it comes to authoritarian right-wing religious fundamentalists, you're missing a certain group of 19 of 'em who were flying around back in '01...

Anonymous said...

Mentioned in the piece, but not properly emphasized, is that SAW intended for public disclosure of their personal information, while Malkin gave no such authorization.

Holy crap, what part of "press release" don't these people understand?

Also, the website that posted her information posted it back in 2004, thus negating the erroneous argument they only posted it as retaliation to the SAW incident.

More here.

CC said...

Sorry, "eb," but I finally had enough of Jinx McHue and tossed his comments. There's enough context left for readers to know what you were talking about, though.

There comes a time when life is just too short to drink bad wine or read Jinx McHue.