Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Michelle Malkin, "Jinx McHue" and moving on.

As painful as this is for me, I'm going to defer to the better judgment of one of my recent commenters and consign Jason/"Jinx McHue" to the bidet of history. Quite simply, there isn't a whole lot of entertainment value in slapping the bejeezus out of someone who's too stupid to realize he's having the bejeezus slapped out of him. Where's the fun in that? So no more commenting from Weasel Boy but, before we move on, a couple loose ends to tie up.

First, can we please dispense with this asinine talking point that, with regards to that recent incident with the SAW protestors, those protestors deserved what they got because they made their contact information public in a press release? It's takes a special kind of stupid to hold that thought since, by that logic, anyone who publishes their contact information has implicitly agreed to be stalked or harassed using that info.

Really? So if a woman lists her phone number in the public phone book, that means she's implicitly given everyone permission to make harassing and obscene phone calls? Is that how it works? I had no idea. But there's something a bit weirder here at play.

The current complaint from the whiny-ass titty babies on the Right is that, in response to this incident, poor Michelle received such disturbing hate mail/e-mail/missives from the beyond/whatever that she is being forced to relocate. OK, then, show of hands ... how many people are really so stupid as to believe that? (Put your hand down, Jinx -- you don't count here anymore.)

If you think about it, Malkin has made an entire career out of being a hateful, bile-filled screech harpy, so one has to assume she's received her (thoroughly justified) share of nastygrams of one form or another, but it hasn't slowed her down. So why would this incident be any different? Does anyone actually believe that this incident was so quantifiably worse as to drive Michelle from her current palatial place of residence to another equally palatial abode? (Life's tough, isn't it? Possibly having to break in a whole new crew of servants or whatever.)

But is it even remotely reasonable to think that Malkin is actually relocating because she's in fear for her personal well being? The last time I looked, real estate records in the U.S. were public, which means that anyone has the right to dig into them and figure out where Michelle goes. So moving isn't a solution here, is it? Chances are, her new address would be public knowledge before she even finished unwrapping the good china. (You know, the heirloom stuff, with the family crest of the screeching gargoyle.)

But, really, there's a more amusing possibility here. Personally, I think it's more likely that Michelle got absolutely nothing that caused her even the slightest discomfort, but is using this as an opportunity to play the victim. I mean, for someone who's made a living at reviling entire demographics, it is just a bit odd that she wouldn't be able to handle a little return fire.

So I'm guessing that it's a cheap public relations stunt -- poor Michelle, cowering behind her curtains because of those mean ol' liberals and having to steal away under cover of night to protect her family -- a solution that, as I have already pointed out, would solve absolutely nothing. But it sure makes for good copy, doesn't it? And I'm guessing Malkin's rich enough that actually picking up and finding another place would be worth the financial hit, in return for the public relations bonanza.

In any event, given the insipid idiocy of Jinx's comments here, yes, we are moving on. I can't promise I won't take the occasional pot shot at him (metaphorically speaking, of course -- had to make that clear 'cuz you just know that if I didn't he'd accuse me of publicly wanting to assassinate him, the dumb bastard).

But no more comments from the Weasel Boy. Life is just too short to let one person single-handedly bring down the intellectual level of the entire blog. If I need that kind of contribution, I'll hire Pete Rempel.

P.S. It's not like I'm going to lose any sleep over this, but it might be amusing to check in on occasion to see if Malkin actually does move. As I've already explained, that wouldn't necessarily prove anything in terms of death threats, but it would certainly be enlightening if it turns out she doesn't move, wouldn't it?

Feel free to keep me posted. The e-mail address is over to the right. No ... the other right.

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LittleFury said...

What was the hubub about in the first place? The guy is just one of thousands of earnest, credulous dimbulb god-botherers who are always eager to take a full load of G.O.P talking points in the tonsils and spit them out onto the internets. What makes him any more worthy of attention than, say Adam Yoshida*? At least that dude has the distinction of being completely batshit. This "Jinx" character? Boooorrring.

[i]*don't repeat that name though: I hear if you say it three times he appears![/i]