Monday, April 17, 2006

NEWS FLASH! Republicans caught lying! Go figure.

Let's see ... I wrote about those lying douchebag Republicans back here, and the mainstream media is slowly catching up. Excellent.

I am disappointed, however, that not a single wanker took up that earlier challenge to defend the accuracy of the Republican claim that was at issue. That's depressing.

Apparently, numerous members of the wankerhood have plenty of time to stop by here and leave sophomoric comments like "You're dumb" and "The Blogging Tories are smarter than you!" and "Give your sister a call, it's her birthday" ... no, wait, that last one was from Mom. Never mind.

In any event, it's purely sad-making that I go to all the trouble to put together that challenge and give the citizens of Douchebagville the opportunity to show just what kind of lame cretin I am, and ... nothing.

That hurts, you know. It really hurts.

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