Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Son of a bitch ... where do I sign up?

Wow. Apparently, easy access to the Plan B emergency contraceptive might lead to "sex-based cults," I'm guessing in the same way that easy access to Bibles leads to stupidity-based cults. Sort of like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of...

Wingnuts have a stupefying case of paranoia regarding vaginas, apparently. Not only are they terrified someone might be enjoying the use of one, they lose their minds at the idea of a woman having control over what happens with her own (and with other parts of her body).

I find it almost amusingly ironic that people who claim based solely upon their christian faith to be the authorities and protectors morality (and want collective stewardship over it 'for all of our own good'), have minds that conjure up the most disturbing possibilities imaginable in reference to sexuality.

How is it that the most supposedly moral among us are also the most sexually twisted?

The American Anthropologist said...

"How is it that the most supposedly moral among us are also the most sexually twisted?"

Using fear,guilt, and avoidance of the opposite gender to prevent sexual activity in the young prevents people from knowing how to have a healthy sexual relationship.

Unknown said...

There's a wonderful article published a year ago, by Walter A. Davis, that really addresses the question of why the people who talk so much about "morality" are so obsessed with sex, and way more deviant sex than most non-believers would dream of practising.

It's The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism. It's very dense (and the guy really needs to inject some commas), but it explains so much.

The upshot is that since fundies claim the nastiest parts of their psyche have been miraculously removed by salvation, and since those nasty bits keep threatening to surface again because they're still inside, the fundies must project them outward onto everyone else. And they have to keep doing it with more and more intensity, since that dark side just won't stay down.

So that would be why it's the fundies -- not gay people -- who are so obsessed with the thought that bestiality ABSOLUTELY! MUST! FOLLOW! after we endose same-sex marriage. No gay person I've ever known has ever mentioned that -- but the fundies can't think of anything else.

Excellent article. (And now I'm getting the feeling I may have advocated this article in another Comment here, recently. Ah well, if so, it's still a good article!)