Sunday, April 16, 2006

How stupid is the Western Standard's Ted Byfield?

About this stupid.

AFTERSNARK: Hey, boys and girls! Remember how, back here, the fact that a half dozen retired generals demanding Donald Rumsfeld's resignation was no big deal since, after all, there were a whole three generals still defending him and, as we all know, three generals who agree with us always trump six who don't, right?

Of course, logic changes completely when you're Ted Byfield:

The proponents of what came to be called "intelligent design" are naturally being denounced by "respectable scientific authority," and since advocacy of "ID" is obviously a career terminator, only about 10 percent of scientists (many safely retired) have done so. But their number is growing, and the movement is regarded by the scientific establishment as a serious danger.

Did you catch that? In wanker circles, twice the number of dissenting generals can be safely ignored while, in Byfield's world, a fringe movement that he claims is still outnumbered nine to one is something to be taken seriously.

It must be good to be Ted Byfield. I'm sure his fantasy world is a very pleasant place.

BONUS TRACK: And the timely news bits just keep rolling in (all emphasis added):

Lugar: U.S. should pursue nuclear talks with Iran

The U.S. needs to pursue direct talks and other diplomatic avenues with Iran about its disputed nuclear program before considering a military option, lawmakers from both parties said Sunday.

"I think that would be useful," Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on ABC's "This Week."

"The Iranians are a part of the energy picture," Lugar said. "We need to talk about that."...

Although the administration has said it would talk with Iran about its activities in Iraq, it has rejected the idea of direct negotiations over its nuclear program.

I'm sure it's safe to ignore Sen. Lugar, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After all, even though he disagrees with the White House, there are more than 50 Republican senators who don't. So ... no big deal.

Hey, by the way, have you heard that there are literally hundreds of scientists worldwide who are skeptical of biological evolution? Really.

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MgS said...

Remember, the Byfields ran the "Alberta Report" magazine as their little "pet soapbox" for years. They aren't journalists, nor do they make any pretense of being such.

Byfield (both Ted and "missing" Link) are fundamentally idiots. They aren't interested in facts - they have FAITH(tm).

Why the Sun Media chain continues to give those two witless wonders a soapbox from which to spew their idiocy is beyond my comprehension.