Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Good morning, darlings – this one is just for Teh Boss.

And this one is just for me.

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The Seer said...

OT: Two months ago, they cut open my chest, carved out my OEM aortic valve and installed a pig valve. They said it would go easier on me if I had it done before the heart attack. Two to four days I’m going to be out of the hospital. Three or four weeks I’m going to be at 75%. What do I know? I went straight to the dotted line.

Wait time was two weeks. My fifth day in segregation or ICU or whatever they call it in hospitals, I find out I’m the third guy. Not the third guy with a pig valve, but the third guy who got his pig valve plugged in the way they did the deed on me.

The good news is that this weekend already, I hit the 75% mark and I’m ready to return to the tubes; the bad news is that Senate Republicans just introduced legislation to make human/animal hybrids illegal. Twenty sponsors. All they need is another 31 votes.

This is serious shit. If, under US law, I’m an illegal human/animal hybrid, do I qualify for refugee status in Canada?