Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dear idiot wankers:

Al Franken won. So shut up.


Sparky said...

Just reading the comments over there and found one that was so succinct with regard to, well, you can draw your own inference--
"I don't think that we can really characterize those statements as lies. I think they are expressions of a fundamentally different worldview that includes a lot of socialized methods of discounting the character, morals and resulting credibility of those who try to tell them the truth. Their statements are more wrong than lies. They are delusions. As anyone who has ever tried to give an addict rational reasons for staying away from drugs or alcohol can tell you, reason does not counter a delusion."
They truly are delusional.
As someone else stated over there--2004 when GWB won they're all 'he won--get over it!' Now it's on the other foot and the bitching and screaming will continue on 'til the cows come home...
Franken won--get over it.

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