Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh, that's interesting.

And buried in the very last paragraph, tucked neatly out of sight, we learn:

Israel says it has killed at least 130 Hamas fighters. Ten Israelis have been killed during the offensive, including three civilians. Most of the seven dead Israeli soldiers were killed in so-called friendly fire.

Ah ... death by "friendly fire." So when the residents of Wankerville start shrieking about how Israeli soldiers have been killed, too, let's remember that it's mostly because they're shooting one another. I'm just sayin'.


Filcher said...

Perhaps Israel is just trying to keep the response proportionate? Silly wankers.

Beijing York said...

So of the 700 dead Palestinians and counting, only 130 were Hamas fighters? Can you even call that collateral damage. Absolutely disgusting.

CBC's Margaret Evans interviewed a rabbi and relative of one of these dead Israeli soldiers during the 6:00 pm news last night. No time for human interest stories from Gaza casualties or even a mention of Judy Rebick and her female colleagues arrest at the Israeli consulate... not when you can profile a dead IOF soldier.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Amnesty Canada has drafted an urgent appeal letter to Lawrence Canon. You can sign here: