Friday, January 30, 2009

Would someone please spit on Hunter?

Blogging Tory "Hunter," whose main ambition in life seems to be some hot girl-on-girl action with Sarah Palin, is weirdly obsessed with saliva:

They Spit In Our Faces And We Let Them.

... Should every school sing our national anthem? Yes. Should all children be REQUIRED to sing it? No. Who ever said that Canada Day should be the only day that we show our love for our country? Who are these "fake" Canadians who do not want to sing our national anthem? They spit in our faces and we let them.

All right, Hunter, we get it -- you have an unhealthy obsession with getting a faceful of warm spit. But here's where it gets ever so amusing:

Remember how PM Harper diverted his plane so that the first people rescued from Lebanon could fly home with him?

Why, yes, Hunter, you dingbat, in fact, I do. It went kind of like this:

His military Airbus A310 - the same modestly refitted plane once dubbed an extravagant "Taj Mahal" by former prime minister Jean Chretien, who never flew in it - will be able to hold upwards of 100 evacuees when it returns to Canada.

And make no mistake -- Glorious Leader Stephen the Corpulent spared no effort in stripping that plane right down to pack every last evacuee on board:

That's in part because all 21 Canadian media travelling with the prime minister were left behind in Paris.

OK, maybe not every last evacuee:

But the prime minister did take three communications staff, in addition to his wife Laureen and an official photographer, along with what was described as a "skeleton staff" on the stripped down Airbus.

First, let's ponder the wisdom of Stephen the Corpulent personally flying into a war zone. Now, make no mistake, I am a huge fan of Stephen Harper winging his way into dangerous international areas of military conflict involving wicked surface-to-air artillery. The sooner, the better, that's my motto. But it's generally considered a bad idea to expose your national leader to that kind of risk when -- let's be honest -- he would be about as useful as a dick on Ezra Levant. And taking his wife along? Yeah, that's pretty fucking stupid, too. This had "Stud Muffin Stephen the Brave Massive Wang Photo Op Mission Accomplished" written all over it.

But wait! What exactly were those communications staff doing? Oh (emphasis added):

PMO staff left behind in Paris said the three communications officials would be helping serve food and drinks to the evacuees on the flight home, since the Defence Department cabin staff were also not aboard.

So, if I understand correctly, it was Harper's decision that three possible seats for terrified evacuees were sacrificed so that the remaining passengers could be served pretzels and Sprite in the comfort of their seats. Let's remember that fact for just a moment 'cuz it becomes important shortly.

Let us now return to Hunter's infantile pissing and moaning about other peoples' ingratitude:

Do you remember how they complained about the boats and then returned to Lebanon without so much as a thank you to Canadian taxpayers?

Yes, Hunter, I remember that, too. It went kind of like this (emphasis added):

Anger lingers

Some of the evacuees said they were happy to be home. However, others said they were still angry after experiencing long waits, confusion, delays and lack of information from the Canadian Embassy in Beirut and a harrowing trip by ship from Lebanon to Cyprus. Canadians had complained of no food, water or medical help on board the ship.

How curious -- Hunter is apparently peeved that people would whine about something as inconsequential as no food or water on board the rescue ship, while clearly seeing nothing wrong with having sacrificed three seats on Harper the Bold's mission of mercy so that passengers could be treated personally to -- you guessed it -- complimentary munchies and their choice of cold beverage. No cognitive dissonance there.

I could go on but, really, this is Hunter we're talking about here. You could try to reason with her but, seriously, it's just easier to spit on her. It seems to be what she wants.

I'M JUST SAYIN': Does anyone else appreciate the irony of a group of shrieking wanks who can't stop telling you how much they luuuuuurrrrrrve Canada, and yet have not the foggiest idea of how its constitutional government works? I just find that ... odd.


Southern Quebec said...

She calls them 'fake' Canadians, because she can't come right out and call them brown people. I think it's code...or as much as her little brain can think of.

Dr.Dawg said...

She's actually talking about Jehovah's Witnesses. People like Hunter had these folks interned during WWII and their kids taken away.

I posted a comment at her place, which, of course, she suppressed.