Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm sorry ... is this a joke?

Blogging Tory "Raging Tory" complains about the prevalence of racism in Canada.

Let me repeat that: One of Stephen Taylor's stable of BTs is complaining about racism.

You can't make this stuff up.


sooey said...

What race does he think Americans are, I wonder...

Renee said...

They're Americanese, of course.

The Seer said...

Until Upper and Lower Canada settle their differences, not being Americanese is going to remain the "official identity" of Canada.

There are parts of Canada, in other words, where the word “foreign” is a term of art which means “Americanese.” In those parts of Canada, you’re Canadian unless you’re Americanese. Social convention in those parts of Canada is not to look at license plates or the color of someone’s money but to treat people as regular people unless they go out of their way to act “foreign.”

In other parts of Canada, the term “foreigner” is a term of art, but doesn’t mean Americanese, because you decide who’s a Canadian and who’s a foreigner by looking at them and some or most Americans look the same as “Canadians.”

It seems to me the second view of "foreigners" is racist; I never felt the first view is racist.

Dizzlski said...

Not for nothin', but as a member of the US armed forces for 11 years I had plenty of comments when I wore Canadian garb; especially at the on base gym. Liking Canada whilst serving was equivalent to being a pinko, homo, gun stealing...well communist actually. I was directly called a communist may times. It didn't bother me due to the fact that most of those mouths were connected to brains which thought the human race sprang up not too many years ago. And people wonder why I didn't re-enlist.