Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And that works just fine for me, thanks.

And every so often, saner heads prevail:

U of A changes God reference in convocation speech

The University of Alberta has a new convocation charge after a group of campus atheists and agnostics challenged the reference to God in the speech.

How bad was the original wording? Pretty fucking hopeless:

The original charge, which is delivered to students by the university's chancellor during convocation ceremonies, called on students to use their degrees for "the glory of God."

And what heinous affront to critical thinking did they manage to come up with in its place? Oh, look:

The new charge tells students who believe to "serve your God."

"I find this to be an acceptable compromise," said Ian Bushfield, president of University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics.

And it is, which means that reasonable people will look at it, nod their heads, admit that it seems to have solved the problem, consider the matter closed and move on, while batshit fucking crazy, screeching Bible-whomping wingnuts will continue howling about how their rights to be superstitious, uneducated dingbats and deranged retards are somehow being trampled. Those people are idiots.

Man, that last sentence was so unnecessary, wasn't it?


Luna said...

Nah. The last sentence just summed it up nicely. A good conclusion.

I like the new version better.

Ian said...

If you mean this last sentence:

"Bushfield said he no longer plans on boycotting his own convocation."

Then I think it's worth noting that I never said I was going to boycott convocation, merely that I would play it by ear when the time came. CBC put words those words in my mouth.