Saturday, January 31, 2009

The real question is ...

Will Ruffles ever learn how to breathe through his nose?

Shorter Raphael Alexander (if that’s really his name): A group of not-white people got together on a weekday to protest something that I would probably disagree with ‘cause they’re, you know, not white. This proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that they’re all welfare leeches.

CC adds: So people who take time off of a work day to rally publicly are a bunch of worthless, unemployed parasites, leeching off of society? OK, I'm good with that.


deBeauxOs said...

Goddess forbid that they believe so strongly in this question, that it is so dear to their heart that they arranged time off from their low-paid, part-time, no-benefit jobs.

You know, that kind of work that "RA" would never do because it is beneath him.

Frank Frink said...

Similar thought, dBO, except that maybe they didn't have to arrange time off because they probably work at their low-paid, part-time, no-benefit jobs at night. Like, say, cleaning the toilets in brokerage and investment banking offices? That sort of thing.

Dr.Dawg said...

Will Ruffles ever learn how to breathe through his nose?

LOL! I've just learned once again how to breathe coffee out that way!

Jennifer Smith said...

I would love to go through Raph's blog and replace every instance of the words "immigrant", "muslim" and "foreigner" with the word "nigger". Anybody know any hackers?

Ti-Guy said...

I read the whole thing with an inordinate amount of patience and charity. And my question is this: Was there anything in that post at all that wasn't bug-fucking ignorant?

You know who has too much time on his hands...someone who observes an uneventful event from 4000 kilometres away and spends the time and energy to rant about it.

Balbulican said...

Poor Raphael has got himself stuck in an odd, self-perpetuating cycle.

a) No-one's reading or commenting. Time to say something "outrageous".

b) Something "outrageous". Delightful frisson.

c) Blogosphere response running the gamut from incredulity to disgust.

d) Oooh, comments. Time to become thoughtful and philosophical.

a) Whoops, no-one's reading or commenting. Time to say something "outrageous".

Repeat as required.

I think he studied under Werner.

Frank Frink said...

I think he studied under Werner.

They crib notes off each other.

Lindsay Stewart said...

raphael alexander... the unter werner!