Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh, man, this could keep me amused for weeks.


The number one job of a political party is not to get elected.

It's to get it's [sic] policies based on it's [sic] principles enacted.

Perhaps, but it's not clear how you can base an entire election policy around, "We don't like gays or brown people." I mean, that might get you through the first five minutes but, after that, folks are going to be looking at their watches and wondering if they can make it home in time to catch "Corner Gas."

It's just an observation.


Anonymous said...

A clear case of political theory running hard up against political reality.

That guy said...

The number one job of a political party is not to get elected.

Um, wrong.

Zorpheous said...

I went over and read the post and all the comments, Stephen is so busy trying to mix the kool-aid, serve it to a large crowd that ain't willing to drink anymore and at the same time Stephen is trying to pound back as many glasses himself to keep himself properly "medicated" to serve both the Party and Cause at the same time.

Pathetic, sad too. Stephen use to sound like a principle neo-con, but now he is nothing more than a neo-clown.

mikmik said...

The job is to get longevity ensured. Then, the job is to get fucking cronies in committees and enact policies that make their cronies rich, which, of course, is all in the name of national well doing.
Never shop at Rona.
Also: The number one job of elected Liberals is to not get elected again and again, but to let Canada slide down the sewer into septic oblivion as Harper insults the world's intelligence with inept foreign reps., lieing stunned bitches from the corrupt cabinet evading reality in question period discussions, and therefore the libs and cons maintain the status quo.
Lest they have to take a stand that would make sense, and make us proud to be Canadians again.
Lest they have to act like they give a shite. Biggest bunch of chickenshits I have ever seen in my life since the Democrats of the Bush years.

And I still get surprised? We still hope?

Lest we forget, we will it is true