Thursday, January 22, 2009

And there's that germ theory of disease, too.

Blogging Tory "The Raging Tory", who almost certainly knows nothing whatsoever about biological evolution but whose suffocating ignorance has never stopped him before, goes full-metal, panty-tugging drama queen:

More proof of the iron fist of the scientific community.

The scientific community is dead set on Darwinism, and this, along with Ben Stein's movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, further proves how the scientific community is rather unscientific and refuses to allow people to question them.

Yes, RT, they're "dead set" on Darwinism. And, for that matter, they're pretty hard-core about that whole "Earth being round" thing. And not drilling holes in peoples' heads to let demons out, too. If I were you, I'd sue.

P.S. A general rule of thumb: If someone insists on consistently referring to biological evolution as "Darwinism," they're an idiot. You're going to have to trust me on that one.

AFTERSNARK: Hey, RT? If you're so keen on that whole "strengths and weaknesses" approach to pedagogy, how about we set aside a little time each Sunday during church service so some of us atheists can talk about Christianity. Purely from a pedagogical point of view, naturally.


Red Tory said...

I thought you were talking to me there for a sec. LOL.

The other RT is a complete loon.

Mike said...

Drooling, mindless loon.

KEvron said...

"I thought you were talking to me there for a sec."

yeah, i did a double take, too.


wv = "reaker". i'll smoke to that!