Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm just sayin', ya know?

Am I allowed to suggest that all those Israel fetishists for whom Israel can never, ever, ever do any wrong and for whom any Israeli military action against the Palestinians is never inappropriate or out of proportion (and for whom the very idea of a disproportionate response would seem to be theoretically impossible) are the same ones who, if you were to mow down all of the participants in a "pro-life" rally with fully automatic weapons, would immediately howl, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! That was, like, completely out of line and totally uncalled for!"

Am I allowed to suggest that? You know, just theoretically?

I am going to get in such trouble for this, aren't I?

. How about, "The Israel fetishists who are perfectly fine killing Palestinian children with white phosphorus munitions are the same ones who go just plain batshit crazy when someone pushes a mouthy, harassing anti-choice demonstrator off of his car."



Mike said...

Yes you are going to get in trouble. But only because they don't understand satire.

Such is life.

BTW, a car bomb or other vehicular IED would be a far more efficient method.

(Cue the Twatsy outrage over threatening someone in 3...2...1....)

Mike said...

Yeah, that's good.