Thursday, January 22, 2009

Constitutional kerners are go!

You know, it's odd that the same pedantic sleuthy wanks who are still obsessing about Barack Obama's birth certificate and whining tediously on about how he's not constitutionally allowed to be president never had much to say about this:

I telephoned my son the other day, way up in the Rockies, just to hear how things were doing in Wyoming since Mr Dick Cheney - Governor Bush's choice for vice- president - had rushed from his Texas home back to Casper, Wyoming - his birthplace - to register there as a voter so that on 7 November the people who choose could legitimately vote for Bush and Cheney.

The Constitution specifically forbids the president and the vice-president to be residents of the same state.

Wait, I'm sorry, what was that? Oh:

Since Cheney lived in Texas at the time, choosing him led Bush into a situation that, if the words of our Founding Fathers still have any meaning, is unconstitutional. The Constitution forbids a state's electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president who are both "an inhabitant of the same state as themselves." Yet by voting for Bush and Cheney, electors in Texas did precisely that. Cheney lived in Texas, had a Texas driver's license and filed his federal income tax using a Texas address. He had also voted in Texas, not in Wyoming, a state where he had not lived full-time for decades.

Curiously, that rather obvious violation of the Constitution never seemed to bother the residents of Lower Wankerville.

IOKIYAC. It always is, you know.

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Frank Frink said...

The Constitution? Just a 'god-damn piece of paper'... or at least it was for the past eight years.