Saturday, January 24, 2009

Irony, where is thy towel snap to the nads?

Shorter Blogging Tory BBS: "As a member of a Canadian right-wing blogging aggregator in which not a single member actually understands how Canadian politics works with respect to things like coalition governments, let me now sanctimoniously lecture everyone on their appalling ignorance of Canadiana."

Shorter Blogging Tory Raging Tory: "Oooooooh, me too, me too."

Shorter Blogging Tory Erwin Gerrits: "I, too, would like to offer my support for meaningless, rote patriotism in support of my country, as long as it doesn't involve, you know, actually serving or in any way exerting any effort of any kind."

I have to stop now before I have an unquenchable urge to go out and strangle puppies.

1 comment:

sooey said...

They just want to rag on about public schools because they don't believe in the most essential element of our democracy - public schools.