Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The painfully burning stupid.

Someone who got their medical degree off of the same cereal box as dr. roy, I'm guessing:

When Andrea and Ginette Markowski, a same-sex married couple in Winnipeg, heard Dr. Elias was accepting new patients, they made an appointment and went to meet her (doctor shortages are a chronic problem in Canada; many people don’t have family doctors, and when a GP starts accepting patients, there’s usually a rush).

During their interview, the Markowskis say, Dr. Elias told them she had no experience treating lesbians, and they would be better off finding a doctor with relevant experience.

No, no, for the sake of fairness, read the whole thing. Then write her off as an idiot.

AFTERSNARK: And the burning stupid continues ...


Balbulican said...

Well, everyone knows that Lesbian biology is completely different from that of decent heterosexual women.

deBeauxOs said...

eh. Andrea and Ginette should have offered to teach her 'All About The Lezbianz', just for the sweet vindication of watching her run shriEEEkkking from the room.

Scotian said...

So, when a woman is a lesbian she suddenly has a different biological make-up than a straight woman. Fascinating. You'd think this doctor would be eager to have such an opportunity to document it, write it up, and get published in all the top medical journals...(yes, heavy sarcasm)

Luna said...

Heh. That's vastly different from my doctor whose intake form has this question:

M___, F____, MtF ____, FtM_____, other _____

And on the phone they told me my "partner" was welcome to come to my appointments. Was impressed, I was.

Anonymous said...

"deeply held religious convictions" are a convenient way to hide the truth that my preacher told me gay people are yucky.