Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What. The.

Fuck? I swear, right now, my brain is trying to crawl out my ears and strangle me for forcing it to read that.


Mike said...

So they are against abortion because they want more tax-slaves for the state?

Holy shit, that's pretty totalitarian. Of course, they always advocate for the same policies as Communist China in regards to reproduction, so we shouldn't be surprised.

That guy said...

they want more tax-slaves for the state?

Yes indeed -- and yet it's Democrats, apparently, who are all about taxes. People like Cal Thomas have been lying so long they can't even keep their lies straight any more.

Ti-Guy said...

The whole premise of aborted fetuses as "missing people" is irrational to start with. If you entertain it, you have to start factoring in all kinds of "missing people" and argue about what net benefit/drain they'd be, right now or in some non-existent future, which is pointless in the extreme.

It's premises like that which convince me that right wingers are not just people who have difference political views, but are people who are quite literally insane.

Mike said...

What if all 50 million would have been Democrats? Gay Democrats?

Its like a strange version of Pascal's Wager.

Yes, the are insane.

Dee said...

This has nothing to do with fetal fetish but about population growth? More tax soldiers to pay for the lifestyles of the boom-boom boomers?

Holy Revelations! Can't let the G squad know. They won't have anything to bitch about anymore.

liberal supporter said...

A lot of the aborted fetuses are later replaced by babies who would not have been born had the mother been forced to carry the original fetus to term.

What about the rights of those missing people? Though the egg and sperm in question never combined, they are just as intelligent and sentient as most fetuses, and deserve the same rights, no?

Or is someone going to tell me about their own personal "fetal memories"?

NĂ¡mo Mandos said...

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