Thursday, January 22, 2009

Therefore, black people should never be President.

First, there was the bobbled oath, which was the fault not of Barack Obama, but of right-wing Chief Justice John Roberts.

This was followed by an ABC interview, during which Obama was eminently gracious to Roberts, even going so far as to state that Roberts helped him out.

Followed, finally, by the revelation that Roberts had been practicing for this for days and still screwed it up.

All of which allows us to conclude, beyond any doubt, that the administration of Barack Obama is a complete disaster.

That is what it proves, right?


Anonymous said...

Black and a muslim-sounding name.....
The boobing tories are creaming themselves in fear and excitement...

deBeauxOs said...

Is it too much to hope for the arrival of a MASSIVE Monty Python-like foot to squash all the screeching, shrieeekkky rightwingnutz?

Frank Frink said...

muslim-sounding name

I thought Barack was a Hebrew name. ;-)

The Blobbing Tearies must also fear, I say fear, the Obama action figure. It haz gunz, and a light sabre. Really!