Thursday, January 29, 2009

Irony, where is thy boot to the nads?

Drink it in:

That would be SDC Nation's Kate "Dead Jews Are Hilarious" McMillan, linking to Kathy "Five Feet of Colostomy Bag" Shaidle, complaining about vulgar and disrespectful racial stereotyping by other people.

I think I just ruptured something.

CURIOUSLY, for someone who's such a big fan of making sure no one ever forgets, SDC's Kate is far more forgiving when it comes to repulsive, right-wing fellow travellers, like Conservative MP and gay-bashing Tom Lukiwski:

Um, yeah:

Lukiwski, shut up - you've said enough. Stop being a chew toy. Give it a month, and even Google will have trouble remembering your name.

Quite right, Kate -- because not all offensive stereotypes are created equal. Apparently, there's one set of rules for homophobic wankers and bigots, and another for everyone else. Colour me shocked.

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