Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pardon my sweeping generalization.

Shorter shrieky fetus-fetishist extraordinaire SUZANNE: Everything bad that has ever happened, or ever will happen, can be blamed on feminists. Cybersex? Feminists. Abortion? Feminists. The breakdown of Western society? Feminists. War? Feminists. Famine? Feminists? Bad breath? Yup, you guessed it ... feminists.


CC said...

If you can somehow blame feminism for Scott Stapp and "Creed," then I'm on board.

sooey said...

I'm good with cybersex and the breakdown of Western society. Abortion? Well, we just de-criminalized it, really.

The rest are really God's fault.

Unknown said...

Here's a brief list of other things Suzie-All-Caps will blame on feminists:

- sunspots
- global warming
- the Biblical Fall of Man (Eve was into abortion and gay marriage, don'cha know?)
- male impotence
- female genital mutilation
- traffic jams
- the grocery store being out of her favorite brand of douche
- the Macarena

LuLu said...

If we're blaming feminists for Creed and the Macaraena then I'm so in.


deBeauxOs said...

Golly if feminism is the irresistable force for evul, the Kali that rocks and shakes Blob Blogging Wingnut's world, why aren't feminists in charge, then?


sooey said...

We're too busy working.

Frank Frink said...

Well, I guess that lets the hippies off the hook.

Antonia Z said...

Pfft. If women were in charge, we'd all be getting cellulite implants instead of fake boobs.

Lindsay Stewart said...

"cellulite implants"
"fake boobs"