Thursday, January 29, 2009

That was then. This is now. Shut the hell up.

It's the douchebaggy train wreck that just keeps on train wrecking:

Franken lawyers elicited testimony that the GOP focused on rejected ballots after Coleman fell behind.

After he lost the unofficial lead in Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount, Republican Norm Coleman called for an exhaustive review of rejected absentee ballots to see whether they should be counted. But a state elections official testified Wednesday that Coleman pursued a different strategy when he was leading.

Really? A Republican completely reneged on his principles for the sake of votes? No way. Say it ain't so.

Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann said that in December the Coleman camp wouldn't accept 1,346 absentee ballots that county elections officials said were wrongly rejected. Gelbmann testified that even when he said there was "little doubt" that 93 of the ballots were valid, Coleman's lawyers said "they needed time to look over the list."

The testimony came on the third day of trial in Coleman's election lawsuit as lawyers for Democrat Al Franken sought to blunt Coleman's recent position that he is championing the counting of all valid votes while Franken is fighting to prevent it.

Tune in tomorrow when Coleman takes the position that, for the sake of fairness and democracy, Al Franken should be taken out and killed.

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