Thursday, January 29, 2009

And sometimes snark fails you ...

As God is my witness, I have no idea where to go with this (courtesy of that shrieky lunatic SUZANNE):

"Then stop doing it to anyone else."

If I attribute motives and intentions to you that you do not have, then let me know.

However, I think you read into my statement assumptions about your motives and intentions that I do not have.

What does that even mean? I need a drink.


Southern Quebec said...

This begs the question, "If fetuses are preborn human beings, are born human beings, predead human beings?" Enquiring minds want to know.

Did you see her creepy fetus foto?

Ti-Guy said...

Why do you guys keep arguing with her without finding clever ways to mock her...set her up, string her along...humiliate her? Yes, yes, you're all too nice for that, but you're also not going to reach her. She operationalises the definitions of concepts (such as 'human being') any way she wants and never backs down. She's a liar, a loony, a passive-aggressive fascist and above all, anti-life. She's pretty much argued herself into supporting forced abortion on many occasions.

sooey said...

And if it's all about souls, what difference does it make if they're pre-born, born, unborn, or dead?

deBeauxOs said...

sooey, you forgot the post-dead.

Those would be the deceased who were so incensed by Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada that their awards were returned by their pre-dead relatives.

KEvron said...

"Why do you guys keep arguing with her without finding clever ways to mock her"

with fuckwits like SUZANNE, it's more for to just tell how right she is.


Unknown said...

What about the undead? Where do they fit in?