Thursday, December 04, 2008




Wayne said...

Harper is not canceling or avoiding dessent!!!! I am going to a protest that will cancel other dessenters, dessent. I have never seen so much dessent, so what is your problem. Sheesh.

thrasycon said...

New to English?

Wayne said...

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis says coalition is finished, Dion should resign..... more dessent.

liberal supporter said...

I see the bastard junta has its useful idiots out in full force today.

Frank Frink said...

Wayne, further to thrasycon, you illiterate, short bus riding, mouth-breathing, slackwitted fucktard. It's dissent, with an 'i'. Dissent.

But what else does one expect from someone who was 16 years old and still in the 5th grade.

roblaw said...

Right now.. for everyone, pro-coalition and otherwise, calm reflection is probably the best course of action.

Conservatives should shut up becuase they just dodged a bullet that is perhaps still on the way..

Everyone should shut up because the more talk and speculation, the more they will lose the current leverage that they so clearly have.

Wayne said...

It was funny Frank, it was a play on "proof of a proof" only with a spelling error.

It is a good thing PM Harper does not make a “spellin” error or a “grammer” error..... that would really unite "your" left. :)

David said...

Shorter Wayne: backpedal, backpedal....I meant to do it.

wv: obuffine? That SHOULD be a word.

Wayne said...

roblaw you are, 100% correct and the only one that makes any sense or intelligent comments…… you don't belong here.

"Your" not being accusatory are you David. I can backpedal with the best since my brakes are on the handle bars.

Frank Frink said...

Yep, David. They do humour oh so well.

thwap said...

Didn't CC "ban" this "Wayne" imbecile a year ago? (I know I banned the useless piece of shit from my blog.)

I know that CC is drunk right now, but maybe psa or LuLu or M@ could do the right thing and delight the mouth-breathers' posts.

Oh, and "roblaw"? Take your own advice and shut-up? There's a dear.

wv="shateda" [which i shall take to be the coarse version of "la-dee-da." or "ta-ta."

Wayne said...

PM Harper does not have the confidence of the House of Commons.

Governor General's decision to allow the prorogation of the House of Commons is a proper decision. The coalition’s leader does not have the confidence of his own party.

PM Harper has to come out with one hell of a great budget in January or…….. back to the polls we go.

I truly wish that we could all just work together for the common good without all the kindergarten antics, but we would need the masses educated in civics.

None of this is very funny, just stupid.

Wayne said...

No thwap you are the only one that has ever kicked me off their site.

One thing I respect about CC is that he will let people speak before he calls them an asshole.

psa said...

wayne we don't really need to call you an asshole, now do we? you wave that banner proudly. there's no mistaking the giant puckered ring-piece perched atop your neck. you are easily one of the dullest, thickest and most comically daft prats it has been my sorry fate to encounter online. you haven't had an original thought in your entire, dumpy life. there isn't an idea simple enough for you to grasp in its entirety, you are outwitted by condiments. if you scroll down the blog a wee bit, you'll see exactly what you are wayne, a parrot. you are told what to repeat and you repeat it. it sounds vaguely like words connected to thoughts but clearly there isn't much more than the shadow of a notion of meaning in any of the tripe that echoes from the chasm between your ears. so go fuck off and shut you hole wayne.

M@ said...

Thwap, can I just add at this point:

1. I don't think I actually have the power to ban commenters. Which is fine with me -- I have my lil' place and I'm happy to be there.

2. I cannot guarantee that I am less drunk than CC.

It's been a long fucking day.

Oh, and Wayne? You're a fucking retard. I can agree and disagree with a lot of people -- Alpha Male can attest to that -- but it's rare to find someone so utterly and completely incapable of intelligent, independent thought. You're just Richard Evans without the cartoons and Nambla fetish. And I don't see cartoons and Nambla fetishes as exactly increasing your currency hereabouts, y'know?

liberal supporter said...

Of course the key thing is that nothing Wayne says will get deleted. Unless it is multiple repeats of the same comment or the mindless "cc = canadian coward" lines that Richard's sock puppets drop by from time to time.

Unlike neo, who deletes all comments that disagree with him. Or hunter who is a known comment deleter, though she's not anywhere near as bad as neo.

I'll take Wayne commenting here over PR any day.