Monday, February 11, 2008

Yeah, maybe that optimism was a bit much.

Amusingly, it was only a couple months back that neo-con hack David Frum was all giddy over how he could single-handedly rescue American conservatism from itself:

Frum's previous bestselling books have earned accolades for their courage and creativity from liberals and conservatives alike. Today, with the conservative movement and the Republican Party facing their greatest danger since Watergate, Frum has again stepped forward with new ideas to take conservatism--and America--into a new century of greatness.

And then, the ugliness of reality finally takes hold:

To prevent these negative consequences--to retrieve victory from impending defeat--would require more creativity and responsiveness than Republicans and conservatives have displayed for many years. Unless American conservatism can rejuvenate itself, the odds favour the liberal left holding sway until the day that its own errors and delusions lay it low again.

Welcome to the real world, David. Prepare to be unhappy.


Ti-Guy said...

As someone (I can't remember) remarked: Someone should dig up Barbara Frum's grave, hook up a generator, and harnass the energy from all the spinning.

Ti Christophe said...

"...accolades for their courage and creativity from liberals ..."

what the hey? those liberals should have their membership cards revoked.

frum is a complete douche. anybody who could come up with "the axis of evil" does not warrant the life of a tree or excess electrons to discuss.

what a douche ...

p.s.-i think i'm becoming more cyncical ...

Red Tory said...

Ti-Guy — Babs will do wonderfully running tandem with George Orwell. There's one less coal-fired plant that needs to be built!