Friday, February 15, 2008

The stupid parade continues.

And the National Post Week of Brain-Damaged Demagoguery waddles on. Thank God it's Friday.


Balbulican said...

I understand that Canadian Sentinel has bagged a weekly op-ed gig with them.

Jay said...

HAHAHAHA, that was hilarious!

Just keep pushing links to Sadly, No! for the next week. Jonah's book entertains morons that need to feel persecuted for their fascist motives.

Ti-Guy said...

I see even Colby Cosh cannot shake off the effects of the cone of stupidity that must be brought down around oneself when one reads Liberal Fascism. When you suspend disbelief in order take so many things seriously, like this book, Atlas Shrugged, The Celestine Prophecy, The Da Vinci Code and movies like The Core, you have to make sure you can re-engage disbelief shortly thereafter.

You cannot hope to provide a credible review of this book by avoiding any mention of Jonah Goldberg's well-documented history of being just about the stupidest and most intellectually dishonest person alive.

I recently found out that Cosh was born in he is in fact a decade younger than I am. I'm sorry, but there's nothing more to say about that...he's a conceited twit who doesn't have nearly the life experience or scholarship necessary to tackle an issue as complex as liberalism, authoritarianism and honest-to-goodness and historical fascism. Being willing to express the conservative critique of certain hair-brained trends in liberalism does *not* make you an expert in fascism.

but I defy any honest moderate to deny that he feels a slight shudder of horror whenever he is reminded of the maxim that "It takes a village to raise a child."

Is he fucking out of his mind? It may suggest conformity and stifling consensus among the paranoid, but "shudder of horror?"

Settle down, dear.

thwap said...

Is it even remotely worth skimming for novelty's sake?

lenny said...

Is this all part of some Hudsucker-Proxyesque scheme that the Nat Poo ownership is engaged in?

Ti-Guy said...

Is it even remotely worth skimming for novelty's sake?

Well, there's a lot of pretentious name-dropping of historical figures in the review, which might spur you on to fact-check widdle Colby and motivate you to engage in a more meaningful investigation of fascism, but other than that, probably not.

I think I'm just fed up with brighter people taking this book seriously and rather suspicious of the attempt to avoid addressing the book's real purpose: an attempt to distract from actual, home-grown fascist movements and proto-fascist trends and a cynical exploitation of the average person's indifference to the concept that words have meaning.

All of that strikes me as the Maoist, year-zero fantasies we'd left behind long ago.

Somena Woman said...

Canadian Sentinel? You have got to be f***ing joking.

If true - that truly is the right-wingnut-Trifecta.

I don't count Cosh in the same light as Kate and Kathy. He had the decency to at least agree in private that Kate's remarks about Aboriginals were abhorrant to him.