Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear God, make it stop.

And after about 30 seconds of this, that sound you hear is my testicles shrivelling up into a body cavity and triple-locking the door behind them. Probably in vain.


Ti-Guy said...

I was always hoping our own wingnut harridans would be so bold as to attempt stuff like this, but no such luck.

KKKate, KKKathy...I beg of you...vlog for us. Vlog for us! I'd even pay to see that.

Somena Woman said...

OUCH... I could only take the first few minutes of it... and I can't stand Hillary Clinton.

Somena Woman said...

You've got to take a look at the cheezy youtube of Malkin pretending to be a highschool cheerleader and her jumping.


Somena Woman said...

I spoke too soon. This one is ever worse.

Red Tory said...

Malkin in the morning. You bastard!

Pale said...

I need.......Glenfiddich.
And I think the rest of my hearing is permanently lost now.

E in MD said...


By Blogger Somena Woman, at 1:59 PM

Ahh that would be the 'I'm so desperate for my daddy's love that I'm willing to humiliate myself to help my surrogate daddy ( the Republican Party ) score political points' dance.