Sunday, January 13, 2008

You get what you pay for.

Once again, KKKate’s tendency to pimp tips from her readers does not end well as evidenced by this astonishing pile of bullshit (emphasis added):

In my experience the people on the righthand, largely libertarian but occasionally socon, side of the Canadian blogosphere don’t take these sorts of disagreements personally. End of the day we know that there will be issues - like freedom of speech and freedom of the press - where ideological differences are dwarfed by the need to protect our most basic freedoms. Sure we play rough; but we respect people who fight their corner. By quiting you’ve proven you can’t even do that.
Too bad.

With all due respect, who the fuck do you think you’re kidding? When has the average BT, in full lockstep with Big Daddy, ever attempted to engage any and all opposition based on the facts? Seriously. Their approach historically consists of a full-metal, scorched earth strategy – scream it down, ignore it or finger point at something entirely unrelated.

But we lack civility and, apparently, the courage of our convictions. As God is my witness, I have no patience for this today.


E in MD said...

What is free speech if not one of our most basic freedoms?

CC said...

At the risk of repeating myself, I believe we're about to see if the righthand side of the Canadian blogosphere is capable of actually addressing the issues.

Should we take bets?

Ti-Guy said...

What is free speech if not one of our most basic freedoms?

You have to have a more holistic understanding of freedom of expression in the context of other rights in order to live a life that is truly free.

I have yet to see how the American media, which traffics in blatant distortions, sensationalism, factual inaccuracy, and outright dishonesty can be symbolic of free speech when the consequences lead to a profoundly irrational understanding of how the World works.

And let's not even touch the issue of a profoundly corrupt political system.

jaycurrie said...

And thank you for the link.

By and large - and not being one - I agree with you as to the BTs. However, I was not referring to them as I rarely, if ever, read any of them.

There are a fair number of people on the right who are more interested in facts than rhetoric. Now, we will, I expect, disagree as to what the facts actually are and the weight to give any particular fact; but that is in the nature of argument.

The children at lawiscool don't like argument. They don't like comments and, when they start losing an argument they simply quit. Which was my point.

If they were as clever as longer stay lefties such as yourself they might realize that ensuring that the word fuck appears in each post would enhance their street cred. And, better still, makes it look as though you can stand shoulder to shoulder with equally passionate lefties south of the border.

And how cool is that?