Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Someone who doesn't quite get the point.

From the comments section back here, regarding the freeping of the now-infamous "Beaver" poll:

I am a Beaver reader and contributor. I'm rather attached to the publication, and though I thought this was a stupid stunt with predictable results, I did pray that their poll would fall below the notice of the blogging community on either side because I was curious to see who Canadians thought was the worst Canadian, and hoping for something thought provoking (the Air India bombers above Homolka/Bernardo, for instance). But no, you all (left and right) turned it into another pissing contest. F**k you all.

By Mark Reynolds, at 9:07 AM

So, to recap:

  • "The Beaver" holds an online poll,

  • Canada's wankers freep the shit out of it, rendering it worthless, and

  • Canada's non-wankers (your humble scribe included) decry said infantile, meaningless freeping.

  • Conclusion: We are all equally to blame.

Thanks for stopping by, Mark. Feel free to pop in again whenever you're off your meds.


Chester N. Scoville said...

And the "fair and balanced" disease claims another victim. Poor Mark.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't really blame him. Wingnuts like that awful SUZANNE have so debased public discourse with such passive and aggressive stupidity and profound dishonesty that a lot of non-political people feel compelled to throw up their hands and say "a pox on both your houses."

But,'ve got the same responsibilities as the rest of us in a participatory democracy: You have to analyse the problem properly and assign blame where it belongs; you can't cop out and simply say "it's all *your* fault; not mine."

Since you're a Beaver reader, I'd make sure the magazine knows that one Suzanne Fortin of Bigbluewave took an active part in ruining the online poll. I know that's what I'd do.

She needs to be publicly shamed.

Mark Reynolds said...

Whew! Glad to see you're just as nasty to people who don't agree with you quite enough as you are to your sworn enemies.
Right then. I'll go search for some horse tranquillizers over at "" or some place where a desire for discourse sans partisan slanging might find a home.
Ti-Guy: Thank you for the entirely correct suggestion. I'll try. I'm still waiting for my issue to arrive to assess see how they treated it.

CC said...

mark reynolds writes:

"Whew! Glad to see you're just as nasty to people who don't agree with you quite enough as you are to your sworn enemies."

I'm sorry, Mark ... I must have missed when you won a free pass to say something stupid at this site and not get called on it.

If you want to quietly walk out, then come back in and start over, we can try this again.

The Seer said...

Participatory democracy?

Like who — besdies Stephen — is participating?

Mark Reynolds said...

I've already retracted and apologized for the "f**k you all" part. I just wanted that on record up here, as well as in the comments on the posting below.

David said...

I would like to take Mark to task for being another spineless lefty (sweet Jeanne d'Arc, he lives in France!) who won't admit when he is wrong. When progressives are ready to admit mistakes and not hide behind prevarication, obfuscation and outright calumny, then, and only then will they be ready to play with the adults. In the public washroom. At night. With an undercover police officer.