Monday, August 13, 2007

Learned well, you have, Mr. Erl.

And another badly-educated, right-wing twerp gets assimilated into the wanker collective:

  • Childish writing? Check.

  • Pathetic sniffling about being picked on by the big, bad lefties? Check.

  • Frantic removal of any comments that might disturb his hermetically-sealed world view? Check.

  • Sudden appearance of fellow wankers to soothe his troubled brow and validate his hideously warped idea of reality? Check.

  • Dramatic monologue involving impressive vows of patriotism and love of God and country, as long as it doesn't involve any, you know, actual sacrifice? Check, check and double check.

Congratulations, Mr. Erl. You passed. Your certificate of total wankeritude and secret decoder ring should arrive in six to eight weeks.


Red Tory said...

I think his true calling might be in the dramatic arts rather than journalism.

Ti-Guy said...

He'll learn or he'll just become one of those righties who are engaged in activities where profound simple-mindedness is not considered a barrier to economic success (such as kept women, tenured douches and young poli-sci grads angling for political staff appointments).

...and anyone living parasitically off the lucrative exploitation of strategic resources, of course.

Simon said...

O come on CC that's not fair. Mr Erl did say he was willing to die for Canada in Afghanistan but he wants to do something better with his life.... like go into politics.
As I said in my comment we need MORE young people like him who DON'T watch porn in Ottawa!!!!
But I also told him that he probably shouldn't delete so many comments, because people like you CC might use it against him when he runs for office to make it sound like he was some kind of dictator or something. So as I told him he should just take a man. And don't even TRY to deny that you wouldn't use that against him CC ...or you Ti-Guy...because I know you guys... and I know you WOULD!!!!!!
Try to act more like me. My comments got published.....

Mes Amis said...

Mr. Erl

Go directly to FAIL
Do not pass go
Do not collect $200

Yes, Saturday was pretty hard on the little squirt.
It seems some are a bit touchy than others when it comes to certain touchy subjects.

Here I was trying to help the guy out with some of the finer points of covering ones tracks and then goosh! Next thing you know, he's splattering up his blog with less than convincing professions of innocence, a victim of unjust fate, driven snow has nothing on him.

The guilt, the self loathing, the shaky bravado.
Ahh, to be a young lad of the RC persuasion, been there, done that, got the Stations of the Cross collectors set.
Yes, to be young and dumb and full of umm, throbbing exuberance, a rite of passage that fortunately, one only has to experience once.
I was just trying the casual, big brother approach, kind of like:
'Hey, Mom always looks under the mattress, keep them under the dresser but don't get them mixed up with mine.'
You know, an 'I Come In Peace' kinda thing though he probably uses kleenex.

Then when he realized the trailers were way more interesting than the feature presentation, things got a little sticky.
He could have ignored the whole ball of whacks and let go or better yet, used a more polished deflection and come out on top. No, he took the way of all BTs, straight down and never stopped digging.

Take the bondage clip, he could have said 'I was doing a report on safe sex for extra biology credits and hey, would you look at what that crazy YT came up with. Well at least she's safe, won't have to worry about that thing poking an eye out with that leather mask and all. Kind of ties in with how the fundies like their women too, bound to please!'

Yup, we would have been quieter as that supporting actress, the one with the ball gag.

Hey Backseat, no snickering, it's not that kind.
You know the rules, if I may be so shrill;
Tea and crumpets at 4
Teabagging of strumpets at 5

Anyhow it drew in the old BT birds tsk tsking their disapproval and a 'keep a stiff upper hip old boy' from some other old frauds.
Poor Red took all the flack despite being an innocent bystander, at least that's RedsTory and he's sticking to it, well that and the odd sheet now and then.

Mr. Erl, with your fumbling of a easy pop up it's back to the intarweb little league for you.
What's that word for it??... umm... soft, round, warm...




No, I forgot about the Cheeto stains.
Oh yeah.I got it....


That's the ticket.

Just consider it a learning experience and don't worry, we'll be back to deal with later.

What's that choking sound?
Why I believe it's Mr. Erls testicles retreating in abject fear.
Try a glass of water.


*Saturday picking on Mr. Erl. Check

*The BTs only blogger with a sense of humour teased. Check

*Barely concealed references to onanism throughout. Check

*Three BT mother hens a clucking,
*Two fussy BTs a fuming,
*One noob a knashing,
*And a beer! Check

*Keeping Ti-Guy amused all weekend. Check

*A most difficult Ball Gag Gag trifecta in a single comment. Check

(Hey CC, the above isn't plagiarism, it's flattery!)

And to the poor unloved and unwashed Mr. Erl...

BTeasing you later ;)

E in MD said...

I would go to Afghanistan and fight for democracy and freedom and hope...but my talents will be better suited other places...

What a tool.

Mr. Erl said...

oh my god, you are so right...I really was a tool...holy crap!, please accept this appology...really.

Again...I am so sorry for all the things I wrote.

-the former Mr. Erl