Sunday, January 16, 2022

Uh ... what in the absolute f ...

NOTE: This post will be updated as the need arises and, Holy Scooby and Scrappy Doo, is that need arising.

What in the name of David Menzies' debilitating head injury is this? I have been informed by a suitably reliable source that that bit of nonsense is the precursor to an actual video documentary that has allegedly been approved and is being funded by Netflix Canada.

Why Netflix Canada would give a crap about an insignificant pissing contest like this baffles me entirely, so perhaps someone could ask them what they're thinking putting money into this.

It's a mystery.

AFTERSNARK: The now-deleted clip was a painful and childishly dramatic 3-minute interview with Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, clearly a precursor to a much longer video documentary wherein Patrick explains the origin of his current situation being an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee who owes me over $100K and tries to paint himself as a victim being brutalized by an online bully, or something equally moronic.

My Saskatchewan lawyer will be getting details of all of this idiocy, as will the Saskatchewan sheriffs currently in charge of enforcing my collection proceedings against Patrick.

WEIRDER AND WEIRDER: A rather panicky comment trying to backpedal from all of the aforementioned was left (and promptly deleted) by one "Victor Vargas", whose connection to all of this is that he appears to be a co-blogger of Patrick's at Patrick's old "Nexus of Assholery" blog:



I believe it's time for the Saskatchewan sheriffs to get involved.

IT'S TIME FOR SCREENSHOTS, METHINKS. No, dude, you're not going to leave a comment, only to promise to delete it shortly. Nice try.


UPPITY DATE: Here's Mr. Vargas' first comment, which he deleted so quickly that I had no chance to make a copy. Luckily, others were faster on the keyboard:



Curiously, the above represents a rather clear admission that Netflix had nothing to do with this, which not only seems to contradict the original claim, but also inspires the obvious question -- who is funding this? And if it's Patrick, and if Patrick has already handed over actual cash for this, then I suspect the people responsible for collection enforcement against Patrick are going to be mucho interested as to where that money came from.

This story is so not over.

PART OF THE WEIRDNESS of all of this is that the apparent plan was to make a Netflix documentary describing the more than 10 years involving myself and Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, and that documentary did not involve contacting me in any way. None. No one, at any time, reached out to see if I was the slightest bit interested (I'm not), which would make for an extremely limited documentary if one of the parties doesn't participate.

I'm sure this is going to get stranger before it just collapses into the dumpster fire that it is.

GOOD LORD, THE PRESCIENCE: This is just creepily accurate:


Anonymous said...

Video's gone. Wassup?

Victor Vargas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RossOwesDay said...

Hmm...this "Victor Vargas" was apparently a contributor to Patrick "Twatsy" Ross's now-defunct Nexus of Assholery blog.


RogueNerdOne said...

@Victor: The first conversation we had when your partner Miriah was on the line, you stated that Netflix Canada was looking for more local content. You stated you knew Patrick from University and there was an agreement in place for you guys to give Patrick the transcripts.

Today when we spoke, talking about the funding, it's now been changed to you funding it in hopes of bringing more funding in later. You also told me that you sat with Patrick before Christmas, and today it's just two weeks ago. You also changed that you'd only be giving Patrick HIS transcripts but you'd be releasing all of them anyways afterwards.

Instead of contacting me properly, you guys setup an anonymous Instagram account to message me. It's all too weird.

I still don't understand why you'd even be interested in this story. Today you started to talk about a completely different spoke about the legal system and how it can be difficult to get debtors to pay.

Then Patrick's denying this was even a thing in emails to me. I can show them if you like. It's for that reason it was suggested I not partake in this venture until all my legal issues, both civil and criminal, are finalized.

RogueNerdOne said...

RoD: I was just told this. Odd it was never mentioned.

RossOwesDay said...

Reading the aftermarket, I'm sorry I missed this hilarity. The Patrick Ross story would make a good documentary, about the downfall of the most pathetic right-wing troll on the Internet.

RogueNerdOne said...

Deletes the video.
Deletes his comment.
He's frantically trying to call me.

It gets better and better by the day. I've left a message with Patrick's favorite constable, Moss, from the GP RCMP.

Victor Vargas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RossOwesDay said...

CC, since you are a computer expert who watched the video clip, do you have some way of archiving it, even though Patrick's friend frantically deleted it?

Rev.Paperboy said...

Jesus, you can smell Patsy's desperation all the way over here in Ontario. I'm sure all this "documentary" stuff sounded like a genius idea after about the fifth beer, but there is no way this is going to be the next "Tiger King" --this absolute fantasy on Patsy's part. Maybe he thinks he can go for an insanity defense in court or something.

RossOwesDay said...

FWIW, here's Twatsy talking about "Victor Vargas" in 2008:

"Victor Vargas is a compatriot and close friend of mine who attended Michael Ignatieff's speech with me."

RogueNerdOne said...

I won't be responding to these people any further. Their stories have changed so many times, and now it comes to light these guys were friends.

I was told they just knew each other. Not that they co-authored a blog together. Each time we spoke a new wrinkle would occur.

His exact words were 'We're making it because Netflix wants more local content stories from all over Canada.' And that Patrick was becoming a 'legal legend' in some circles.

Now he's demanding information from me. Fuck him. I've been suspicious from the start with all this. I informed Robert about 30 minutes after the first texts about all this came in on Instagram.

It smelled like a setup and it likely is. Why would Patrick deny there was a documentary when he sat for more than 12 hours of interviews? When I confronted him about it, he said he didn't believe anything I said about it was true. He didn't know anything about it.

MgS said...

@RNO: Patrick seems to have a rather loose relationship with facts.

thwap said...

I've heard (from historical accounts) that when an absolute dullard finds his or herself completely trapped, that they concoct all sorts of bizarre diversions that fool no one and which only serve to make normal people think that the dullard is completely insane.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I'm sure Patrick is becoming a "legal legend" in some circles. Like the one where lawyers get together for a few drinks and tell funny stories about idiots they've seen in court trying to represent themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, he does claim to be a fantasy author, doesn't he? Welcome to the latest fantasy.
To be honest, I've been involved in designing and pitching docs and limited series to multiple outlets in the past, and I can absolutely guarantee that this is a frat boy fantasy. Patrick is an uninteresting narcissist, a personal and professional failure, and there is absolutely nothing about him, his life, or his sordid, self-created collapse that would be of ANY interest to any network or market sector. There's simply no story.
Notwithstanding that, a lot of losers and amateurs in the past have cobbled together home-made teasers that they try to pitch or raise money for. "Yeah, we're just finishing it off, just a couple more interviews to get and some second unit stuff to plug in. But we've shown it around, and we've got a bit of a bidding war going on between some of the specialties, and we're just looking for another $109,000 to wrap it. So if you want an executive producer's credit..."
Even in "Victor's" wildest dreams, to do an unsellable documentary like this would require the cooperation, agreement and probably interviews with all the players. So if everyone just laughs and says "Fuck Off", this fantasy will dry up and blow away quite quickly.

jhayward9 said...

What in the actual fuck?! Someone wants to make a documentary about Patrick Ross & his internet fights?

Thinking about someone who would actually want to legit make a documentary about this kinda BS brings me to quote Peter Dante from the movie "Grandma's Boy": "Wow, where do you get your weed?"

If this is really gonna happen, can someone PLEASE send in the "Patrick Ross v. Tyler Kyrg Fight Video" to whomever is making this documentary?

For the lolz of course.

Dino said...

I believe you hit the nail on the head with the insanity defense.
The first refuge of the mentally ill.
The last refuge of the idiot.

MgS said...

Somehow, given the events leading up to the current state of affairs, it seems quite likely that a documentary based on Patrick's side of the story would be running a very high risk of becoming itself the subject of _another_ defamation lawsuit ...

RogueNerdOne said...

@MsG: From the outset I was suspicious of this. I asked questions that "Miriah" didn't feel comfortable answering and would pass me off to Victor.

Victor would stammer through answering my questions and things changed each time we spoke.

At no time did Victor say anything about co-authoring a blog with Patrick. He told me that he knew Patrick from University, but that Patrick was older than him so they didn't hang out much. We know this to be untrue now.

Innocent people don't suddenly remove all their comments and pull videos if they have nothing to hide. Clearly Victor didn't like the attention this got and knew he got caught in some lies. I'm kicking myself for not recording those initial calls.

My lawyer suggested that I not get involved as the entire situation was "fishy". It was as if they didn't want to be identified at the beginning.

Also, when Victor and I spoke, if I said anything against Patrick, Victor would feign shock and awe.

I've given Robert the initial messages where I call this out as something Patrick put in motion and it's looking that way.

Both individuals gave Patrick comments elevating his status: legal legend, most interesting story they came across..

@RoD: Kevin James would never play Patrick. He has standards. Now someone like Rob Kardashian would be better suited for the role. He does nothing. He's the black sheep of his family. No one really likes him. He seems to be a lone wolf type character, and is mentally ill. Essentially he'd just have to put on a mullet and he's good to go. Rob's great at lying as well. We know this from all the shit he's said over the years about ex-partners and even his own family.

Anonymous said...

MsG: one more reason why NO media carrier would touch it with a fifty meter pole. IF this late-night "I've Got It, Kids - Let's Put on a SHOW!!" fantasy ever materializes, it will be as a shoddy, home-made video on YouTube, with ten viewers.

RossOwesDay said...

I'll be a bit of a contrarian here and say that *if done right*, a Patrick Ross documentary (or newspaper feature) could work. Of course, you'd need someone smart and skilled as a journalist like Robyn Doolittle or Alheli Picazo - as opposed to Patrick's idiotic friends - doing the work.

I'm thinking something like "Death of an Internet Troll", as the modern version of Death of a Salesman.

Interview with Ken Ross: "I thought Patrick was just looking at porno and touching himself at the computer in my basement - and he usually was - but he was also getting into arguments with these evil, evil libtards."

Journalist: "Patrick's legal and financial delusions bled into his personal life. Here is a youtube video of an obese Patrick wearing MMA clothes getting annihiliated in a Lloydminster street fight. Remarkably, Patrick spent months afterward on social media bragging that he somehow won this fight."

I think much of the literate Canadian public would enjoy a story of a dimwitted Jordan Peterson-loving right-wing internet troll getting their comeuppance.

CC said...

MgS: You have no idea how accurate it is to suggest that Patrick would almost certainly defame me in any documentary, at which point I would file an action against both him and the filmmakers.

If you think I'm kidding, over the years, Patrick has regularly accused me of winning my 2010 judgment against him via "fraud" and "perjury." I've always let this slide since, well, what's the point of further suing for defamation someone who is already in bankruptcy for that very thing?

On the other hand, knowing Patrick, he would repeat these very things on camera, and it would be published, at which time both he and the filmmakers would instantly be in a world of trouble.

This story is not over yet. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

“To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be who have tried it.” Herman Melville, Moby-Dick.

MgS said...

@RNO: Your legal counsel is giving you good advice. I wouldn't touch this venture either. It screams "fishing expedition" to me.

@CC: About the only thing predictable about this entire affair is that if there's another angle where Patrick can dig himself in deeper, he will dig deeper and keep going.

jhayward9 said...

Someone needs to send Patrick a shovel.

For digging purposes, of course.