Monday, January 31, 2022

Dear Mayor Watson and local cops: Thanks for fuck all.


Seriously, what do we pay you for?

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Anonymous said...

This is fairly consistent throughout history. If this was a worker protest or a liberal protest, police would be cracking down hard on every vehicle and even slightly improper act. But because everyone knows right wing protests are typically violent and full of people who openly want to do harm, police tend to give them space out of fear of getting the crazies even more worked up. And that is being very generous, ignoring the fact that police groups tend to be very sympathetic and often part of extremist right wing movements themselves. Either way, it enables and encourages the problem and pumps up these pro-fascist “protestors” already insane level of entitlement and self-righteousness. And again, if liberal protestors were doing even a fraction of this, they would be in jail immediately. Hell, this probably would haven never gotten off the ground as I don’t think the “freedom” protestors even had permits for any of this to start with. Imagine if this was a First Nations group protesting treaty rights abuses over our entire history? These same protestors would be posting all kinds of violent threats. But the same rules and laws don’t apply to violent right-wing extremists I guess. Our society just keeps encouraging and rewarding the worst among us, and giving them what they want, and all the rest of us keep paying for it.