Friday, January 28, 2022

So ... how's that "Fake News" whining working out for you?

There's a certain irony in having listened to right-wing gutter media outlets like Fox News and Rebel News shrieking incessantly about "fake news" all these years, only to watch the lot of them grotesquely misrepresent the current state and volume of the Dumbfuck Trucker Convoy gathering in Ottawa.
  • "1,600 trucks!"
  • "36,000 trucks, 70 km long!!"
  • "58,000 trucks, 1.5 million people and a Federation starship!!!"
The irony is quite something, isn't it?


double nickel said...

Those fools have grifted more in a week than Ezra has in lifetime. Ghat must sting a bit.

Anonymous said...

By the way, where's Menzies? Did his long awaited lost shipment of Scotch from the LCBO finally arrive?