Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Question: Are these idiot truckers covered by insurance during their joy ride?

Anonymous correspondent asks a question that had not occurred to me: Assuming all these brain-damaged truck drivers have insurance for their rigs, does that insurance cover, say, catastrophic damage incurred during their ridiculous and unnecessary jaunt across the country?

It seems like a reasonable question. One assumes that standard vehicle insurance would cover things like accidents if one has an accident during the course of actual work; that is, in the course of making a business-related and billable delivery. That much seems beyond debate.

But this convoy is in no way business-related -- it is, quite simply, an unnecessary joy ride across the country to make a political point, and if I was an insurance company based in Alberta, and one of my clients tried to file a claim for massive cab damage after sliding off an ice-covered highway during a blizzard somewhere east of Wawa, Ontario in late January because he was a part of this ridiculous convoy, I would be sorely tempted to deny the claim as it did not happen as part of normal business operations.

Thoughts? Anyone out there know how big rig insurance works?

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Anonymous said...

It could be a lot worse than that, if that convoy has a pile-up and injures or kills motorists in other vehicles, and the insurance company refuses to cover the million-dollar civil suits.