Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Getting the "Dumbasses for Freedom" convoy to pay for your cross-country delivery.

I realize many others have already thought of this, but did it occur to any trucker who was about to make a legitimate, billable cross-country delivery to sign up for the convoy so that someone else could pay for his entire fuel bill?

Seriously, if I owned my own rig, and was about to move a load from, say, Calgary to, say, Kanata, I would totally register for that convoy just for the sake of sticking it with my entire fuel bill for the trip. Oh, and meals and lodging as well. Why pay for all that myself if I can sucker a bunch of gullible rubes to do it for me? And if I'm really organized, I'd arrange for a (billable) return load, and have that paid for as well.

If truly stupid people are going to hand over millions of dollars, I see no reason why legitimate truckers shouldn't take advantage of it.

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