Saturday, January 29, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The money so far.

For the morbidly curious, I present the official distribution statements related to the two seizures already effected by the collections enforcement arm of the Saskatchewan sheriffs pursuant to my filing against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, and there is some entertainment there which I will explain henceforth:

The amounts seized -- $3,000 and $2,250, respectively -- represent the recent "enhanced" cost award ($3,000) levied against Patrick for submitting a defence that was deemed to be "baseless and scandalous", while the $2,250 represents long-outstanding cost awards that go back all the way to 2012 so, at this point, we are at least up to date with respect to collecting all the costs Patrick was ordered to pay me over the years. But here's where it gets positively delightful.

Note that the total amount seized related to those awards is not just $5,250; no, it's $6,403.33, because while the sheriffs were collecting my money, they were also (oh, frabjous day, calloo, callay!) seizing additional funds to cover their costs. I knew there would be administrative charges to do all this, and I assumed I would have to pay them up front, and collect the same from Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen somewhere down the road; I did not realize that the sheriffs would be accommodating enough to simply pay themselves out of Patrick's assets, which makes it all the simpler for me.

In short, while Patrick is currently $6,403.33 lighter in his money belt, his debt to me has been reduced by only the amount of the cost awards; that is, $5,250.00. In other words, Patrick has just paid out the difference -- $1,153.33 -- for the privilege of having his money taken from him.

I'm starting to like this whole collection thing. And, yes, the sheriffs have in fact started on the third filing; the big one for the original judgment:

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Understand something -- even as the amount that Patrick owes me related to the original judgment is increasing at the rate of 5% per year, his debt is additionally growing based on the various administrative charges levied by the sheriffs; as you can see above, even collecting a minor amount of just over $5,000 cost Patrick more than a thousand extra dollars. And, as I understand it, these charges are levied every time the sheriffs need to do anything, so if Patrick wants to drag this out for the next several years, well, that is easily going to run into many, many thousands of dollars that Patrick will be throwing away to pay the constabulary.

I hope Patrick has no plans for early retirement.

BONUS TRACK: Not that long ago, Patrick was crowing about how this forcible extraction of his financial assets was temporary:

I'm pretty sure he's being optimistic.


RossOwesDay said...

Congratulations on the $5,000. Although it's only the tip of the iceberg, I hope you buy some expensive gin with Patrick Ross's hard-earned money.

It looks like the sheriffs have seized the Twatster's bank account and identified his place of employment. If I'm not mistaken, Twatsy is totally, hopelessly screwed here. How can Reprobate Ross drag this out for several years, other than maybe immediately spending all of his wages on $21 restaurant burgers as soon as the direct deposit hits?

CC said...

ROD: I have no doubt that Patrick can think up even more ways to game the system here, but all he's doing is putting off the final, catastrophic reckoning, and I am a patient man and willing to give him all the rope he needs to hang himself thoroughly. I'm more than happy to take a few thousand here and a few thousand there, knowing that it's not really letting Patrick dig himself out of the hole he's dug for himself, and when Patrick's remaining parent passes away, well, that will be the day of reckoning. And if Patrick is stupid enough to let it drag out that long, that's fine with me.

RossOwesDay said...

Good strategy!

The combination of the 5% interest rate and the accumulating sheriff's fees are probably pushing the effective interest rate over 10% per annum, which means Twatrick is now paying $1,000 per month just to *service* his debt. For a university drop-out incapable of anything other than low-wage blue-collar work (with a staggering food bill) like Twatsy, that is obviously not sustainable.

CC said...

ROD: I doubt it would create an effective interest rate as high as 10%; it is, however, safe to suggest that this will cost him an extra $200-300 per month in enforcement fees, which the sheriffs will continue paying themselves every time they seize money on my behalf. So, in summary, call it total accruing expenses of maybe $6,000 to $7,000 per year Patrick is throwing away on both judgment interest and ongoing enforcement charges.

That's a lot of $21 hamburgers.

MgS said...

Wild guess here, but Patrick's "it's only temporary" means one of two possibilities:

(a) He's got all this novel new "evidence" now for the mockumentary that he and his buddies are cooking up, and he's going to launch a countersuit (which will get stuck somewhere between his arse and the boot of the nearest court).


(b) He's found an abandoned cabin somewhere high in the mountains that he thinks he can go and be a 'mountain dude' and live off the land ... (the latter being likely as not to be a disaster for him, since I doubt he has either hunting or gathering skills to survive in the bush for very long)