Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Why would any cabs in the #FluTruxKlan convoy be pulling a trailer?

It's a simple question -- what would be the rationale for even a single cab in that convoy to be dragging a full-sized 53-foot trailer behind it?

If that driver signed up to be part of the "Freedom Convoy" and is driving to Ottawa strictly and exclusively to be part of this weekend's protest, then it would be ridiculous to bring an empty trailer with him -- waste of fuel and massively inconvenient to then find a place to park. So can we all agree that the idea of hauling along an empty trailer is ludicrous?

The only rationale, then, would be if it wasn't empty; that is, someone is taking a (billable) load someplace, and has latched onto the convoy as a sleazy way of getting his costs covered while making a delivery.

Either way, if someone claims to be part of the Freedom Convoy, then there is absolutely no legitimate reason for them to be hauling a trailer, and if any enterprising journo sees such a thing, would it be too much to suggest that he or she ask the driver what's up with that?


Purple library guy said...

There IS a potential rationale: If the plan is to use the huge trailer to block traffic.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Oh, they are all "taking a load someplace" even the ones not hauling trailers

C. Mike Hunt said...

Truckloads of whine.

MgS said...

@Rev: It's a load alright ... and I don't think it even rises to "friendly sausage maker".