Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Just wait until that convoy hits Northern Ontario in January.

Regardless of whether those mouth-breathing yahoos take the northern route or the southern route through northern Ontario, they'll need to pass through Nipigon:

so let's check the forecast for Nipigon for later in the week ... uh oh ... flurries ...

Is there anyone in Wawa willing to take pictures?

P.S. Currently, idiots like Jordan Peterson are repeating the hilarious fiction that the eastbound convoy is some 70 km long. If we take them at their word, imagine if you will the traffic obstruction that would be created by a slow-moving 70 km big rig convoy crawling its way down the narrow, winding highway through northern Ontario, then imagine how little sympathy those dumb fucks are going to get from the motorists they have so massively inconvenienced.

I don't see this ending well.

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Anonymous said...

Their stay would have been a bit chilly if they slept in their trucks. -32 at about 5 am.